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Boho Bohemian Interior Design Styles

One of the most popular interior design styles in recent years, Boho / Bohemian Styles are free thinking and do not conform to the norms of society.

Keeping away from carefully constructed interiors, Boho spaces are off-beat, beautiful, artistic delights.

The key to a Bohemian style is to carefully present a messy look on purpose using a mix of colours and a variety of elements like throws, rugs, pillows, trinkets, tapestry.

The Bohemian style allows for expression of personal tastes and freedom.

The mismatch of old and new furniture, décor and colours create a cheerful atmosphere for a free-spirited lifestyle. Bohemian styles are carefree layers of texture, pattern and colour

Imagine the carefree lifestyle of Gypsy’s in Europe with their travels and trinkets.

While Bohemian styles have no set rules, there are certain characteristics found in Bohemian Interior Designed homes.

Following is a guide to help you accomplish a Boho Interior Design style.


Layers in a Boho Interior Design

Mixing finishes and layering elements is key to a Bohemian Style.

Combine new with old to create a playful interior.  A rustic table with mismatched chairs and African Baskets on the wall, a new sofa with a macrame wall hanging.

Intentional layering creates a Boho style. Style with contrasting patterns and shapes adding in different textures with rugs, cushions and throws.   

Choose a variety of bright colors or if you prefer a more consistent look, choose a set color palette.

High pile, shaggy rugs provide comfort and visual layering. Other rug options include Persian, Kilims and South Western Influenced rugs with beautiful patterns.

Include tassels and fringes on rugs, cushions or throws along with macrame and crochet items.


Pattern and Colour for a Boho Style

Feel right at home with the bold, colourful patterns of Asia, India, the Middle East and Africa.

Many Bohemian interiors embrace bright colours and bold patterns with a more is more approach.

For a colourful Boho style, include Purple, ruby red, amethyst, emerald green in your décor along with darker hues for a luxurious feel.

If you prefer an interior with natural colors and white walls, Boho style is introduced with pattern, texture and splashes of color.

Scatter cushions, throws, wall hangings with stripes, diamonds and medallion patterns add to your Boho styling.

Moroccon Boho Colourful Cushions for a Boho Interior Design Style Beautiful Home Decor 

Decorative Accessories in a Boho Interior

Art, sculptures, lamps, books along with trinkets from travels create a cosy inviting Boho interior.

Boho spaces tell a story and embrace old with new. Mismatched items, vintage brass plates along with a bowl you bought on your travels, family heirlooms and handcrafted items all add to your Boho vibe.

Try different clusters of décor until you find the right combination, allowing your Boho space to tell your story.

Include natural, handmade items such as wall hangings, macrame designs, sculptures and paintings. Add wooden items to complete your Boho styling.

Add plants in varying sizes and shapes. Hang in macrame pot holders or place on various sized pot stands to create a layered look with your plants.


Furniture for a Boho Interior Design Style 

Natural elements are important in a Boho home. Wooden furniture add comfort and warmth to your space.

A wooden dining table or rustic headboard in the bedroom along with wicker side tables and divider screens.

Hanging chairs made from wicker or a macrame chair are popular in boho styling.

Add pops of colour and natural touches with cowhide rugs, leather sofas and poufs. Add plenty of cushions and throws for a relaxed comfy feel.



There are variations in the Boho Style and we include a quick styling guide of some of the more popular variations:

Modern Boho-Chic

White painted timber floorboards

Plush furry throws on your bed or vintage couch.

Fairy lights above your bed

White on white décor along with bold colours and rich textures.

Travel mementos and trinkets

Ornate rug and cushions.

Plenty of greenery


Moroccan Boho

Colourful floor cushions


Low tables


Bold Colours and patterns

Plush furniture

Complimenting prints in colour, pattern and texture.


Western Boho

Butterfly chairs

Low floor beds and high canopies

Vintage leathers and tassels

Rustic timbers and wooden furniture

TIe dye blankets, hemp cushions

Cacti and succulents

Bright Patterns

Tribal rugs


European Boho

Peacock or hanging chair

Crochet or beaded curtain in the entryway



Jewellery and trinkets

Travel mementos

Tassels and beaded embellishments


Enjoy your journey in creating a care free Boho Interior Design Style in your home.

Happy Styling


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