How to get organised for Christmas 2023 in Australia with templates and shopping lists

Early Christmas Planning Tips For 2023

Christmas is a magical time of the year. Time to relax after a busy year and enjoy time with your loved ones. Seeing the kids excited faces opening their gifts is my favourite part of Christmas!

But, if you’re like me Christmas is also a time of stress and running around, trying to get everything ready in time for Santa’s visit.

Last year I decided to reduce the stress of Christmas and start planning Christmas Early. And what a game changer!

I share with you my Christmas Planning Tips to help you get organised early for the holiday season and Christmas Day. Along with a free Printable Christmas Planner and Christmas Planning Checklists, enjoy getting organised early for a stress free Christmas.


Start Planning Christmas Early.


Our biggest tip is to give yourself enough time to get everything ready for Christmas.

From planning Christmas Lunch, buying Christmas Gifts, getting the house ready for Christmas Lunch, planning the family holiday, the festive season soon becomes a time of stress for many mums.

By planning early, you give yourself the best opportunity to be organised for Christmas and still have time to enjoy the Christmas season.


Christmas Planning 101 - Christmas Preparation Ideas


Where Will You Be Spending Christmas?


The first thing you need to decide when planning for Christmas is where you will be spending Christmas. Will you be at home and need to plan for Christmas lunch and activities? Will you be on holidays and need to plan for travel, accommodation and things to do?

If you are spending Christmas at home, consider :

  • Will you be hosting Christmas Lunch at home or having Christmas lunch elsewhere.
  • Will you be having quests staying for the holidays?
  • What do you need to do around the house in preparation for the holidays.

If you are going on holidays :

  • Where will you be travelling to?
  • Do you need to book for accommodation and tickets?
  • Does the car need a service?
  • Do you need any clothes for the holidays?


Printable Christmas Planner Calendar plus Christmas Planning Tips, Planning Checklists, Shopping lists and gift ideas for the home Beautiful Home Decor 2023

    Christmas Planning Calendar 


    One of the best ways to a stress-free Christmas is to print out a Christmas Planning Calendar for November and December. Having all your important Christmas events on a calendar will help you to see what days you have available and avoid any “ double booked days” in the lead up to Christmas day.

    Fill in all the kids school activities for November and Christmas Party events and activities for December.

    Next add in any other important events such as work Christmas Parties and family gatherings.

    Once all the important events and activities have been added to your Christmas planner, think of your holiday plans and Christmas Day activities.

    • When you will put up the Christmas tree
    • When will you decorate the house
    • When do you plan to see the neighbourhood Christmas lights
    • Are there any local Christmas events you plan to attend and do you need to buy tickets
    • When will you do the Christmas Gifts shopping
    • When will you do the grocery shopping for Christmas Dinner


    We have created a free printable Christmas Calendar to help you be organised for Christmas. Download your Free Christmas Planning Calendar here.


    Hosting a Christmas Party or Event


    Decide if you will be hosting a Christmas Party or Christmas Lunch. Add the dates into your Christmas Planning Calendar and set aside some time to plan the event.


    Christmas Budget


    Having a Christmas budget is super important when planning your Christmas.

    Work out how much you can afford to spend on Christmas Gifts, holidays, events and Christmas Food.

    Remember to use your rewards programs to save towards your Christmas costs.


    Getting ready for Christmas with Christmas Planning Tips, Christmas Gift Ideas, Christmas Planner Calendar, Planning Checklists and Shopping lists  Beautiful Home Decor 2023

    Planning Christmas Gifts


    Christmas can be expensive and it is a good ideas to start planning your Christmas Gifts early. Aim to buy Christmas gifts every week to spread the costs of Christmas over a few pay cycles, looking out for Christmas sales and Christmas Gift Ideas.

    Will your family be participating in Secret Santa? If so, start planning early, to give everyone enough time to buy their Christmas gifts.

    Plan your Christmas Gift shopping and use our printable Christmas Gift Checklist to help you budget and keep track of your Christmas Gifts.

    Here are some gift guides and ideas to help with your Christmas gift planning:


    Christmas Decorations and Supplies


    Check your Christmas Decorations in November to see if any need to be replaced.

    Are your Christmas lights working or do you need a new set?

    Do you have any new additions to the family and need to get new Christmas Stockings?

    Is Elf on the Shelf visiting your home?

    Will you be sending any Christmas cards?

    Plan to buy your Christmas decorations and supples in November. This will help you miss the Christmas rush and the risk of stores being out of stock.

    And don’t forget online shopping is a great option to reduce stress and avoid long queues.


    2023 Christmas Planning Tips plus Christmas Planner Calendar, Planning Checklists, Shopping lists and Lunch Menu Beautiful Home Decor 2022

    Planning Your Christmas Lunch Menu


    If you are hosting Christmas Lunch, what will you be cooking?

    Are there any dishes that can be prepared in advance?

    Once you have decided on your Christmas Menu, start buying non- perishable items every week in the lead up to Christmas. This will help spread the costs of Christmas over a few weeks. Download our free Christmas Shopping and Menu Planning Checklists to help you plan your Christmas breakfast, lunch and dinner.


    Free Christmas Planning Checklists and Shopping Lists


    To make your Christmas easier I am sharing my free printable checklists to help you get everything ready for Santa. 

    Our printable planners include a

    * Christmas Gift Planner,

    * Guest List,

    * Table Setting Planner,

    * Christmas Food Shopping List,

    * Christmas Planning Calendars

    * Christmas Meal Planner for Breakfast, Lunch Dinner and Christmas Eve.

    * Christmas To Do List

    * Weekly Planner.

    Please feel free to print out the Christmas Checklists to make your Christmas planning easier. (I have included a few different templates for you to use.)

    Download the Christmas Printable Planners and Checklists here


    Hooray, you're well on your way to an organised Christmas.

    If you have any other Christmas Planning ideas please share them with us in the comments below.

    Follow us on Socials if you would like some ideas for your Elf on the Shelf activities.

    Happy Holidays  



    PS : Read here for For Last minute Christmas Planning tips.


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