Coastal Interior Design Style.

Coastal Interior Design Style.

Coastal Interior Design Style

Living in Australia we are surrounded by the sea and it is no surprise that Coastal Interiors are a popular Interior Design Style. A fresh, relaxed style inspired by the ocean, reminding us of lazy days at the beach with the sun, sea and sand.

Coastal interiors are open and airy. Lots of light, with large open windows and glass doors. Avoid heavy fabrics on your windows, White sheer curtains invite the light in along with soft breezes.

It is important to not confuse coastal with nautical. Avoid overdoing ropes, anchors, signs, starfish, lobster and crab motifs.

Rather aim to start with a white walls, adding soft natural colors of the sky and sea through fabrics in your sofa, cushions and bedding. Think soft shades of blue, aqua, torguoise, teal, taupe, grey and beige.

Coastal Interior Design Styles Beautiful Home Decor


Add natural fiber rugs such as straw, seagrass and jute.

Woven baskets and light wooden accents add to the natural coastal feel in your home.

Casual comfortable furniture in natural, light colored cotton and linen fabric is your base furniture.

Keep your table lamps and light fixtures to white and soft natural shades.

Add furniture made from Rattan, wicker, weathered timer , ash or white washed woods to create interest but try not to add too much timber that matches and overcrowds the space.

Coastal Décor is based on natural elements and can be adapted to current design trends, eg darker toned woods changed to lighter toned woods.

Coastal Artwork Wall Art Coastal Interior Design Styles


Coastal Artwork adds to the relaxing, openness of coastal interiors. The tones of the beach, sea and sky in artwork can be carried over into your room with the cushions and decorative accessories.

Include decorative accents such as large glass bowls, vases and bottles in shades of blue.

Decorative accessories also include washed back picture frames, seashells and driftwood sourced locally.

If you’re a lover of shells, incorporate them in your styling but keep it simple. Coastal interiors are clutter free, open with a less is more concept.

Indoor plants with white pots or styled in woven baskets bring nature into your home.

We hope the above styling tips help you create an open and relaxed Coastal Interior Home for you and your family.

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