How to choose a Wall Clock

How to choose a Wall Clock

How to choose a Wall Clock for your home.

A big beautiful wall clock makes a statement on your wall and can complete the room design

When choosing a wall clock for your home there are a few things to remember.



There are so many beautiful clocks on the market today and it can be difficult to choose. We suggest look at your room styling and select a clock that fits in with your interior design style. A Hamptons styled clock will look good in a Hamptons or Coastal styled room but not in a Country styled home.

Also consider the furniture in the room. A room with wooden furniture and earthy tones will look good with a clock that has a wooden frame or face. The same goes for a metal clock or a clock with metal hands which will look good in a room that has say a coffee table with metal legs.

Nowadays there is a large variety of wall clocks to suit Hamptons Industro , Coastal, Industro French, Scandi, Hamptons, Luxe, Chic, Country, French, Industrial, Contemporary, Modern and other interior design styles.  



While it may not be necessary to have a clock the exact same color of the room, you can pick up an accent color in the room and carry it over in the clock. Choosing a wooden clock for a room with earthy tones and wood furniture will look balanced.


Large Wall Clocks for your home interior styling Gold Coast Australia



Will you be hanging a clock for the aesthetics only or to read the time often.

If you are using the clock to read the time, hang the clock where it is easy to see. Walk around the room and take a look from different angles. Where do you spend the most time in the room and where would it be comfortable to look at the clock. You would not want to sit at your office desk and have to turn around to see the time. It is easier to have the clock positioned in front of you.



Generally speaking large clocks are styled in larger rooms and smaller clocks in smaller rooms. In an open plan area, large clocks look great and are easy to read from a distance.

To get an idea of sizing it may be helpful to take the measurements of the wall to give you an idea of the size of the clock. If you are not sure the size of the clock is correct, cut out the size of the clock on a piece of cardboard and blu-tac it to the wall, take a step back and see if the sizing is right. This is a good way to see if the clock sizing is good before going out to buy the clock.

Along with the location, consider if the clock will be styled on its own or along with other objects. 

A larger clock should be hung on its own without competing with any other accents for visual attention.

A smaller clock can be styled alongside other items. A good point to remember is that the area is not too cluttered, making it easier to find and read the clock. There are always options to remove and add other decorative pieces to make the clock fit.


 "Above all else it is important to choose a large wall clock that you love. Having an item in your home that speaks to you and you are drawn to will be a good fit for your home and bring you many hours of contentment."


We hope this had made it easier to choose a wall clock for your home. Please feel free to share any other tips in the comments.

Happy Home Decorating



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