10 Home Decorating Ideas To Refresh Your Home On A Budget

10 Home Decorating Ideas To Refresh Your Home On A Budget
If you home is in need of a refresh but you have a limited budget and not much time available, you're in the right place. We have 10 home refresh ideas that you can accomplish quickly and without spending much money on updating your home.

A 10 minute clutter dash 

Clutter can steal your joy. Looking around your home and finding piles of papers, kids toys, clothes on the floor can drain your energy and motivation.  Grab your phone and set the timer for 10 minutes. And go,go,go. Don’t think about what needs to be done, just concentrate on clearing clutter in that 10 minutes. You will be amazed at how much you can clear away! 

If you need a bit more help with clutter head on over to our Blog : How to get rid of clutter in your home 


Add flowers, plants or fruit.

Bring a natural element into your home with flowers or plants. Flowers and plants add color and texture to your room, creating visual interest. If you’re not keen on spending money on flowers every week, there are some beautiful artificial flowers now available.

A tall clear vase filled with lemons placed on the kitchen counter is an instant pick me up for a tired kitchen.


Add flowers, plants or fruit for a quick refresh in your home decor Beautiful Home Decor


Hang a mirror on your wall

Hang a mirror to create the illusion of more space. Mirrors hung across from windows reflect the light and create an open and airy feeling.


Change your cushions. 

A quick change in cushions can instantly refresh your room. We keep a few sets that fit in with our décor and swap them over every few months for a quick room update. Cushions of different colours, patterns and textures create interest and are an inexpensive update to your room.


Cushions are a cost effective way to change your home decor with a budget Beautiful Home Decor Home Decorating Tips and Ideas


Moving furniture around.

Can your furniture be moved around? Do you keep bumping your knee against the couch when going to sit down. A sofa moved few centimeters can make a big difference. Or maybe the layout isn’t working for your family’s needs. Try moving your furniture around and it will add a new life to your space. Remember to keep your furniture a few centimeters away from walls  to allow the room space to breathe and encourage air flow.


Style your bookcases.

Re-arrange your books. Place them horizontal or vertical along with a few decorative pieces to create a stylish and interesting bookcase. Or if you like, place all the same colour books together to create a cohesive look. This could be a fun way to teach the kids their colours while keeping their books tidy


Style your bookcase for a budget friendly way to update your home decor.



Change your décor around. 

Sometimes we have so many home décor items we love and tend to display all of them around our home. Take a look around and see if there are items that can be moved to another room or put in storage for a while. After a few months bring out the items in storage and rotate them with the items currently being used. This is a great way to have a refresh in our homes without spending a dollar. And don’t we love opening our storage boxes and looking at items we haven’t seen in a while!


Move your artwork around.

Where possible change your artwork from one space to another. A quick change of wall art from the hallway to the living room does wonders to freshening up your room without spending any money.


10 Home Decorating Ideas To Refresh Your Home On A Budget Home Decorating Tips and Ideas


Change lighting in your home.

A new lampshade or table lamp can make a big difference to a tired space. Or maybe you need to change your light bulbs to a different shade and energy efficient globe. The atmosphere at night can be instantly changed with a new light bulb.


Clear the fridge magnets.

A fridge door can quickly become cluttered with notices and kids artwork. Give the fridge door a quick clear out of all old notices and kids artwork. This will clear up your kitchen instantly.


10 Home Decorating Ideas To Refresh Your Home On A Budget Clear the clutter on your fridge


Tip: As much as we love seeing our kid’s artwork displayed proudly in our home it can get tricky to display everything. Consider getting a clip on / snap frame and place it on your wall. (Just be careful of tiny fingers with the snap on frame) This way you can change your kids artwork on a regular basis and store the old artwork in a container. Give the grand-parents and other family members an artwork or two- I am sure they will love it and it helps you clear away some of the kids artwork without feeling guilty about throwing them away.  


If you have some awesome tips for a quick home refresh on a budget we would love to hear them in the comments below.


Happy Styling



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