Tips on how to choose and style scatter cushions on your bed or sofa

How to Choose and Style Scatter Cushions In Your Home

Decorating your home with cushions is an easy and budget-friendly way to update your living space.

However, finding the right balance between adding style and avoiding clutter can be a challenge.

Here are some tips to help you style your scatter cushions like a pro, complementing your home décor and creating a comfortable and stylish look.

How to choose the right cushion colour and size

How to Choose the Right Cushion Colour

  • Choosing the right cushion color is crucial to achieving a cohesive and balanced look.
  • To get started, look around your room and identify the 2-3 main colors. Select cushions in these colors, either as a solid color or part of a pattern.
  • If your room is mostly neutral, consider opting for a bold color to create interest.
  • To avoid a matchy-matchy look, choose colors in similar tones but not the exacts same colour and different shapes and sizes.
How to choose and style cushions on your sofa and bed

 How to Choose Cushion Shapes and Sizes

  • Mixing different cushion shapes and sizes is important to add depth and interest to your styling.
  • Start with larger cushions at the back and add smaller ones in front.
  • Varying cushion shapes, such as squares and rectangles, can create a layered and textured look.

How to style cushions with different patterns and prints

Choosing Cushions with Patterns and Prints

  • Patterned cushions add a pop of interest to your living space.
  • To make sure they complement your existing cushions, select patterns with similar or identical colors.
  • For a contemporary look, choose cushions with geometric patterns or stripes.
  • Classic floral cushions add a touch of elegance and style to your bedroom or couch.

How to choose cushion in plain colour or patterns

Scatter Cushions Fabrics and Textures

  • Adding cushions with different fabrics and textures add depth and warmth to your living room.
  • Experiment with different fabrics, such as faux fur, natural soft linens, warm knits, cool cotton, or velvet cushion styles, to add texture and variety to your styling.
  • For example gorgeous¬†velvet textured cushions¬†by Weave in earthy tones are perfect for winter, while linen and cotton cushions in brighter colors bring summertime into your home.
  • To add a warm, cosy feel to your home on cold days, Ava Velvet Cushions by Weave are prefect - see here for her colours¬†
  • For a fresh Coastal feel to your home, our favourite¬†Linen Cushions are Como , measuring 40cm, 50cm or 60cm available in 22 gorgeous colours¬†

How to style the cushions on your living room sofa or chair

 Tips on How to Style Cushions on a Sofa

  • For a formal look, style your sofa with an even number of cushions.
  • Place two matching solid-colored cushions in each corner and add two smaller patterned cushions in front with similar colors.
  • For a modern, relaxed style, use an uneven number of cushions on your bed or sofa.
  • Keep in mind practicality, and don't overcrowd your sofa with too many cushions.
How to decorate your bed with cushions and throws

Throws and Accessories for Your Scatter Cushions

  • Add decorative elements such as throws and vases add texture and layers to your living space.
  • When selecting a throw, choose one with colors found in your cushions to create a cohesive look.
  • Match the fabric and texture of your throw to the season, such as a knitted throw for winter and a cotton throw for summer.
Ava Velvet and Como Linen Cushions by Weave

Use these home decorating tips as a guide to help you create a comfortable and stylish living space that reflects your unique style.

It is important to remember that the way you style your cushions is a personal preference, and there are no hard and fast styling rules for scatter cushions.

Experiment with different shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics until you find the perfect combination that suits you and your family.

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