How to design a gallery wall with artwork. Display your favorite art prints in a gallery wall. Free printable template and wall art sizes layout

Imagine a gorgeous Gallery Wall as you walk into a room. The focal point of your room, drawing all the elements of your design together.

A well arranged Gallery Wall with Wall Art never goes out of style.  

Putting together your own Gallery Wall can feel challenging but we have some great tips to help you create your own beautiful masterpiece.

Step by step formula to lay out your gallery wall.

Planning is key so we suggest holding off putting any nails into your wall until you have finalized your gallery wall layout.

  • Measure the wall / space that you want to use for your gallery wall.
  • Mark the size of the area on your floor, using tape. PS: Use tape that is easy to remove from the floor.
  • If you already have your artwork, layout the pieces in the taped off area, moving items around until you are happy with the layout. If you still need to buy the artwork, we suggest cutting out the sizes of artwork on large paper (you can tape A4 pages together or purchase large rolls of paper from a stationary store). Use the cutouts to create a layout that you are happy with.
  • Try to leave the same sized space around all your artwork to create a balanced look in your gallery wall layout. Many designers recommend a space of around 5- 7cm so that your gallery wall is not overcrowded.
  • Once you are happy with your layout, take a photo on your phone. That way it makes it easier to remember once you start hanging items on your wall.
  • If you are using paper cutouts, we suggest placing the paper cut-outs on your wall. Give it a day or two before you hang your art work.  This will give you some time to see if there is something you would like to change with the artwork layout before you make holes in your wall.
  • If you artwork is not too heavy you can also use command strips (purchased from a hardware store) to hang your pictures.

Gallery Wall styling tips.

  • To create a more curated look in you wall art gallery stick to a color palette, using pieces that are similar in tone.  There is no fast and set rule so if you would prefer a variety of colors style with pieces that speak to you.
  • Start with the biggest artwork first. Next would be to lay out the second largest artwork and then fill in with the smaller pieces.
  • We like to hang our largest piece to the side and then the smaller pieces next to it if the gallery wall is not too big.
  • For a larger gallery wall, we love placing the largest piece off center and then the smaller pieces around it. This allows the eye to flow around your gallery wall as opposed to being drawn to the center.
  • Depending on your style, use the same frames in the same shape and color or mix it up with different frames, colors and textures. Round frames also looks great with square and rectangle frames.
  • Having a mix of vertical and horizontal artwork, creates interest.
  • You don’t have to only use art prints. Mix it up with the kids drawings, travel momento or pieces of art.
  • If you prefer a more structured look in your gallery wall create an imaginary horizontal line and hang your artwork 5cm – 7cm above and below the line.

Gallery Wall layout templates and art frame sizes.

We have created templates with various ways to layout your gallery wall.

Feel free to download and print our gallery wall templates. The art sizes are a guideline. Change the artwork sizes to suit your wall space.

Browse our Wall Art if you're looking for ideas for artwork. Specially made for you here in Australia.

We would love to see your beautiful gallery walls. Please share them with us in the comments.

Have an awesome day xx

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