How to clean Artificial Flowers.

How to clean Artificial Flowers.

Artificial Real Touch Flowers have become very popular in recent years. With the large variety of flower arrangements available and no need for daily watering, it is no surprise you will find artificial flowers in many homes.

If you love artificial flowers but don’t know how to clean them , read here for ways to care for your artificial flowers along with tips to clean your artificial flowers.


How to care for Artificial Flowers.

Direct sunlight can discolour your home décor over time and the same applies to Real Touch Artificial Flowers.

We recommend placing your flowers out of direct sunlight to preserve their colours.


How to clean Artificial Flowers.

Weekly dusting

Artficial flowers are on display and as with our other home décor, need a regular clean.

A weekly dusting will go a long way in keeping your artificial flowers clean.

A gentle dusting with a duster removes the light dust, our favourite is the Electrostatic duster from Bunnings as it is soft and not likely to damage any flowers.


Tips on how to clean artificial flowers Beautiful Home Decor

Hairdryer or Air Compressor

For stubborn dust or dust in the grooves and crevices, try a type of air blower. Please don’t mistake this for the garden air blower. We suggest a hairdryer or air compressor to clean your artificial flowers.

A hairdryer on a low temperature and low air speed can help blow out the dust. Remember to secure the vase as you blow air onto the flower arrangement. This will prevent your flower arrangement from falling over and the vase cracking.

Keep the hairdryer on its lowest setting and cold air as higher setting could damage your flowers.

Another option could be using an air compressor. As with a hairdryer, take care when blowing the air onto your flowers.

From a distance of 30cm or more, blow the air onto the flowers to remove the dust. We recommend, starting from a far distance and moving closer till you find the correct distance that the air compressor is effective in removing the dust but not too close to cause damage to your flower arrangement. Remember to secure the flower arrangement so that it does not topple over and break the vase.

Baby Wipes or Damp Cloth

Clean your artificial flowers with baby wipes or a damp cloth.

Should you find dirty marks or stubborn dust on your flowers, use a baby wipe or damp cloth to remove the marks. Gently wipe the petals one by one, taking care not to pull on the petals.


With a quick weekly clean and bit of maintenance your Real Touch Artificial Flowers will look beautiful for years to come.

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