How to style your scatter cushion on your bed and sofa Beautiful Home Decor

Decorating with cushions is an easy way to update a tired look or refresh a space without spending too much money.

But it can be hard to know how to get the right look without overcrowding your bed or sofa couch. A few well selected cushions add colour and style to your living space.

These tips will help you to style your scatter cushions, creating a comfortable stylish look that fits in with your home décor style.

How to style your cushions.

  • Choose a colour that fits in with the rest of the room
  • Use a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Add patterns and prints to create visual interest.
  • Different textures add to the feel and design style of your room.
  • Change your cushions seasonally for a quick room refresh.
  • Compliment your cushion styling with throws and home décor accessories
  • Have fun and experiment styling your cushions till you find the combination that you love.

How to Choose the Right Cushion Colour.

First look around your space at the existing colours. Take note of the colours of your furniture, rugs, walls, and curtains and wall art. Identify the 2 to 3 main colours in your room and use them as your inspiration. Select cushions with your main colours, the colour can be part of the pattern of the cushion or a solid colour.

The goal is to select colours that compliment your existing colour palette to create a cohesive look.

If your space is mostly neutral colours, you can opt for a bold colour to draw attention and create interest.

Incorporate a cushion with some elements of your main colours to allow the cushions to “talk to each other” and work together to create a beautiful scatter cushion arrangement.

Being too matchy-matchy can be boring. Try to opt for colours in similar tones and of different shapes and sizes.


How to choose a cushion for my bed or sofa Home decorating styling tips.

How to Choose Cushion Shapes and Sizes for my Bedroom or Living Room.

Having cushions in one size, shape and colour can be boring creating an uninspired look in your home.

Rather aim for a variety of shapes and sizes to create a layered look which is interesting to the eye.

Begin with larger cushions at the back and add varying shapes and sizes, finishing with the smallest cushions in the front.


Choosing Cushions with Patterns and Prints.

Adding scatter cushions with patterns and prints to your coach or bedroom adds a point of interest.

Selecting patterned cushions with the same colours or similar colours to your plain cushions tie the cushions together and lets the styling flow around your room.

For a modern look, select cushions with spots, stripes and geometric patterns.

Classic floral cushions add a touch of elegance and style to your bedroom or couch.


Style your bed with cushions with patterns and textures to create a layered look Beautiful Home Decor


How to Style Cushions on a Bed.

You may see many templates online of cushion combinations but we suggest you style your bed with cushions in a way that works for you. Keep in mind where you will store your cushions when you go to bed.

Our favourite way to style cushions on a bed is to begin with 2 to 3 larger solid coloured cushions at the back. (Depending on the size of your bed). In front of these add 2 smaller patterned cushions with similar colours. Finish off your styling with a smaller rectangle cushion in front with a pattern in similar tones to your 2 large cushions at the back.

For a more formal look, keep your cushions to an even number. If you prefer a casual relaxed vibe, style with an uneven number of throw cushions on your bed.

Try to keep in mind the colours and tone of the room. If your room already has a lot of colour and patterns, adding patterned cushions may clash. In this case it might be better to style with neutral plain cushions to create a balance.

The key to styling with bold patterned cushion is to style them with plain neutral toned cushions.


Scatter Cushions Fabrics and Textures.

There are many ways to style your home with scatter cushions. Adding cushions with different fabrics adds texture to your space. This highlights the uniqueness of each cushion and adds to the tone of your room.

When selecting scatter cushions for your living room, take into consideration the fabric of your sofa.

Cushions can be changed seasonally. Think chunkier textured cushions in earthier tones for winter. In summer, linen, cotton cushions in brighter patterned colors invite the summertime into your home.

Fabrics and textures add to the feel in your styling and it’s important to understand the feeling fabrics evoke.

Linen fabric – cool, coastal vibes

Cable Knit cushions – warm and inviting, perfect for cooler months.

Silks- elegance and luxury

Velvets and sequins - dramatic and draw the eye (to be used sparingly)

When selecting fabrics you can be elaborate and style with a mix of textures such as faux fur fluffy cushions, natural soft linens, warm knits, cool cotton or velvet cushion styles.

Or keep it simple with cushions in the same fabrics and add a different textured cushion to draw the eye.

If you have kids, will they be snuggling up to the cushions? If so, choose a fabric that is easily cleaned and durable.

If you’re looking for comfort, opt for cushions with feather inserts. They are inexpensive and add a comfortable lux feel to your cushion.

For a more solid cushion that holds it’s form better, choose cushion with foam or synthetic filler.


How to style cushions on your sofa living room scatter cushions Beautiful Home Decor

Tips on How to Style Cushions on a Sofa.

Style your sofa with an even number of cushions to create a formal look. A good start is to place 2 matching solid coloured square cushions in each corner and then add 2 smaller pattern cushions in front with a similar colours.

For a modern, relaxed style, use an uneven number of cushions on your bed or sofa. For a three seater sofa, you can add 5 cushions of different patterns and styles but keep to the same colour palette.

Think of practicality and don’t have too many cushions on your sofa. Is it easy for guests to sit down on your sofa or do they need to move your scatter cushions around.

Throws and accessories for you scatter cushions.

Add decorative elements such as throws and vases to compliment your cushion styling.

This helps to create a layered and textured look in your bedroom or living room.

When selecting a throw for your home, choose one with colours found in your cushions to create a cohesive look in your interior styling.

Match the fabric and textures of your throw to the season, a knitted throw creates warmth in winter and a cotton throw for the summer.

Drape your throw on the end of your couch or over the back to finish your living room styling.

Layer your throw across your bed or the corner of your bed to complete your bedroom styling.


Tips to remember when styling your cushions:

Styling your cushions comes down to personal preference and there are no hard and fast styling rules for scatter cushions.

Layer your cushions with alternating shapes and colours, squares behind rectangles and plain cushions with patterned cushions.

Hide your cushion zips.

When styling your scatter cushions it’s important to remember to add your personal touch. You know what will work for your family. Choose cushions that you love and have fun styling them in a way that suits you and your family.

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