How to Style Bedside Tables.

Your bedside table is a lot more than just a place to charge your phone or keep your jewellery. Having a clear, uncluttered bedside table adds to the mood of your room, welcoming you at the end of the day to a beautiful space.

At the start of my decorating journey, I got stuck on how to style my bedside tables. What size or type of lamp should I choose? What items should I use on the bedside tables and what colors? How many items should I put on the bedside table?

Well, I am thrilled to say that I have found my happy place with bedside tables. Read more to learn some tips and tricks to style your bedside table like a professional.

1. Keep to your interior design style.

When styling your bedside tables, keep to the styling of the rest of your home. As an example, If you have styled your home coastal with relaxed beachy vibes, adding a bright orange vintage cat will look out of place.

2. Style bedside tables similar but not exactly the same.

A big mistake in bedside table styling is decorating them exactly the same. Style your bedside tables so that they are similar and connected but not a mirror image of each other. Your bedside tables can be different but should have similar heights and colors. The table lamp should be the same item that creates a connected and balanced look between the two bedside tables.

3. Start with a table lamp.

Unless you have wall lights or hanging pendants next to your bed, a table lamp will be the anchoring point in your bedside table styling. Table lamps are functional and set the atmosphere in your room. Choose the same lamps for both bedside tables to provide a connected element on both sides. Remember to keep the styling of your lamps in line with the overall styling of your home. Start with your table lamp and style around the lamp.  

How to style your bedside tables with a table lamp and decor tips and ideas

4. Decorative Accents

It's hard to know how to decorate your bedside table. Having too many items can make it look cluttered and messy. A popular styling is the rule of 3.  

Your Table lamps is number 1 .

If you’re a book lover, make your books a decorative feature 2.  Stack a few books together and finish off with a vase or figurine on top. Keep to books that are in good condition and compliment the colors and styling of the room. The pile of books with the figurine on top is considered one item.

Add the 3rd item such as

  • Trinket trays and boxes - are a good place to keep your jewellery overnight.
  • A plant or flowers - provide a breath of fresh air with color and the organic shapes add a point of interest.

Depending on your styling preferences you may prefer to only decorate with 2 items. Start with your table lamp and add flowers or books. Decorate with items that are of different heights, colors and textures to create a visually interesting and balanced look.

 5. Scale, Scale, Scale.

Rule of thumb is if you have a big bedhead and bedroom, the side tables and table lamps should be big. Smaller items on a large bedside table look out of proportion and the same goes for a large table lamp on a small side table.

Your table lamp should fit on the bedside table along with your other decorative accents.

Add decorative accents of different heights to create visual layers and interest.

6. Style with a variety of materials colors and shapes.

Create an interesting bedside table by styling with a variety of shapes, materials and colors.

If you have a curved bedside table, add a square decorative accent such as a photo frame. Add a personal touch with small pieces of art leaning up against the wall.

Add an organic shape such as flowers, a piece of coral, a piece of driftwood, shells or a wooden decorative bowl.

A continuous color palette is important when decorating your room. Create a cohesive look by including colors the main colors in your bedroom with items on your beside table. If you’re looking to add a pop of colour, include flowers or plants.

When styling for a masculine bedside, a pile of books along with a hardy house plant and a clock are some great styling ideas.

Adding your favourite scented candle adds to the atmosphere of your room. Remember to keep the candle in line with the colours of the room.

Tips to style your bedside table

7. Balance.

Take a step back and look at your tables. Does your eye flow around the bedside table, with a variety of heights, shapes, textures and colors.

Is something missing or is the table too busy?

Less is more goes a long way on bedside tables. Refine your look till you feel that you have achieved your desired style and atmosphere in your room.


Remember to style with items that you love, that may have a special meaning to you. Let your personality shine through in your home styling and you will have a house you love coming home to.

Happy Styling


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