Modern Australian Interior Design Style

Modern Australian Interior Design Style

The Modern Australian Interior Design style reflects our love of the outdoors, our laid back hardworking lifestyle and our playful and adventuress spirit.

Free flowing indoor/ outdoor spaces welcome natural light, along with the sounds of nature and relaxing breezes.

Whether you have a love of abstract art or photo print wall art, it is easy to bring the Australian Environment into your home with artwork. Think the blues of the sea, the greens of the bush, the browns of timber/trees or outback in your abstract art. For photo prints and canvas prints, imagine native Australian flowers with eucalyptus leaves or the relaxing views of the beachside.  

Australian Interiors reflect a relaxed and laid back style with the use of greys and whites as the base color palette.

A soft mix of colour is introduced through cushions, rugs, throws, wall art and home décor accessories.

How to style your home in a Modern Australia Australian Interior Design Style

Introduce pops of black and timber in the side tables, wall art frames and natural home décor accessories.

The warm tan tones of the outback can be seen in leather cushions.

The sea with it’s different shades of blue can be found in cushions, rugs and artwork.

The luscious greens of the bush is reflected in artwork, cushions and of course lots of plants.

Consider indoor plants that are easy to grow, or if you don’t have a “green thumb” artificial plants and flower arrangements are a great way to bring the outdoors in.

Rattan baskets used as plant pots or holders add a natural colour and element to your styling.

Hand made ceramic pots are also a popular choice for plants on tables.

Modern Australian Interior design is laid back, with throws tossed onto the ends of sofas, cushions lay back on sofas, imagine a relaxed atmosphere with a casual live-in look.

Comfortable furniture in fabric or if you’re a lover of leather with comfy cushions.

Introduce texture in the forms of wood, rattan, stone, cement, hand woven baskets or hand made ceramics.

A few pieces of large décor on table tops add to the relaxed, simplistic look without looking cluttered.

Bi-fold doors and sheer curtains allow for natural light and open up your spaces.

One of my favourite design styles, Modern Australian Interiors are uncluttered and functional. We hope this help you to create the Modern Australian Interior Design Style in your home.

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