7 Steps on How to Style a Bed like a Pro Home Decorating tips and ideas Beautiful Home Decor

How to style your bed like a pro.

Would you love to walk into your bedroom and see a lush comfy bed you can sink into?

Well, we are here to help with some styling tips to create the bed of your dreams.


Choosing a colour palette for your bed and bedroom.

Before you go out and by new bedding, think about the style and mood you would like to create in your room? What are your favourite colours and what items do you already have in your room?

PS : People often use artwork as inspiration for the colour palette in their bedroom. This helps to tie the colours of the cushions and bedding together to create a cohesive look throughout the room. We have a handy guide on choosing a colour palette for your home here if you need more ideas.

Once you have decided on the basics, it’s time to concentrate on your bed.

7 Steps on How to Style a Bed like a Pro Home Decorating tips and ideas Beautiful Home Decor


7 Easy steps to style your bed.

1.Start making your bed from the bottom up with a mattress protector.

We always start with a mattress protector to safeguard our mattress.

There is nothing worse than having a wet mattress in the middle of the night after your kids have crept into your bed and are unwell! Not to mention nappies leaking, drinks spilt …you get the picture.

We aim to have a spare mattress protector so that we can still make the bed while the other one is in the wash. There are many on the market nowadays that are of good quality and a good investment for your bed (and sanity as a mum).

If you want to take it a step further look at pillow protectors too!


2.How to style the sheets on your bed.

Whether you’re a pattern girl or like neutral colours, start your bed styling with a fitted sheet and then a top sheet. Some people aren’t too keen on a top sheet but consider using one if you are going for a folded down layered look.

When using a top sheet, lay it with the pattern down so that when you fold it over, the pattern is showing up. This also creates a luxurious feel when getting into bed. 

Remember to lay the flat sheet further up on your bed so that you can fold it at the top.


How to style your bed with a blankets, throws and cushions

3.Styling your bed with a blanket

In winter, we love adding a blanket over the flat sheet. Then fold the top of the sheet and blanket to create a stylish look. This adds an extra layer of warmth to a bed and texture to the room.


4.How many pillows to use on a bed.

This is always a big one, adding confusion to styling a bed. How many pillows to use, should they be included in the bed styling during the day or only brought out at night.

What I found works for us is to have 2 sets of pillows each laying flat at the top of the bed and then use cushions in front to style my bed.

If you prefer to have a fuller look, begin with European pillows at the back, 2 for a queen bed and 3 for a King Bed. Then add your standard pillows in front of the European Pillows.

To add more of a stylish look to your standard pillows, opt for pillowcases with a fabric border and in matching colors and patterns to your sheets.

If you want more pillows on your bed, match the extra pillowcases with the same pattern or colours as the quilt cover.

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to pillows, do what works for you.

 How to style a quilt on your bed, bed styling tips

5.How to style the Doona or Quilt Cover on your bed.

Next add your Doona or Quilt with a cover. We always go for a doona a size bigger than the size of our bed to have that extra covering over the mattress base.

Want to know the trick to the extra plush look in stores? Add two quilts inside of your cover. This gives that extra plush look but does add extra warmth to your bed.

To create a modern layered look, fold the Doona over at the top.


6.How to style a bed with Cushions.

Now comes the fun part. Decorating your bed with cushions adds texture, pattern and colour to your bedroom.

Our top tips when decorating your bed with cushions are :

Use contrast between your cushions with round, square ,rectangle or barrel cushions in different textures, patterns and styles.

Mix prints and patterns : experiment with different combinations of stripes , patterns, geometric prints, plain cushions

Mix shapes: round, square, rectangle, knot, barrel shaped.

Mix textures : Smooth silk, velvet, faux fur, leather, linen …

Add decorative embellishments : cushions with zips, buttons, piping, tassels …


You can start off with two or three standard (50cm) square cushions in front of your pillows. Then alternate with smaller sized cushion in front with varying patterns and colours. We have a more detailed guide on choosing cushions for your bed and how to style them here

No matter which way you choose to style your cushions, our number one piece of advice is to use feather inserts. This is one of the easiest ways to add comfort and a bit of luxe to your bed.


How to style your bed with pillows and cushions , bedroom decoarting tips and ideas Beautiful Home Decor


7.Adding a coverlet or throw to you bed.

If you have chosen a white doona, consider adding a coverlet in a different colour to add depth to your bed styling.

And the finishing touch to styling your bed is to add a throw at the bottom of your bed. This finishes off the look in your room and adds that extra bit of wow.

Always opt for a bigger sized throw as a smaller one will look out of place and make your bed look incomplete.

Depending on your styling preference, you can fold the throw neatly across the bottom of your bed or to add a bit of visual layering throw your throw across the bottom of your bed. 

Consider adding a textured throw with colour tying into the other colours of the bedding.

In winter a chunky woollen throw adds a bit of warmth.

In summer a lighter throw with tassels or texture is perfect.

And there you have a beautiful comfy bed to sink into at the end of a busy day.

Happy Styling






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