What is Scandinavian Scamdi Interor Design Style explained Beautiful Home Decor

What is Scandinavian Interior Design Style?

Also known as Scandi, Scandinavian Interior Design Style embraces simplicity, efficiency, functionality and affordability.

Scandi designs centre on simple but practical ways of improving everyday life showcasing clean lines, with a mix of textures and layers and an appreciation of art.

Originating from the 5 Nordic countries, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, Scandinavian Interior designs has become very popular in Australia in recent years.

Scandinavian interiors are connected to nature, including the use of natural materials such as wood and leather along with natural shapes.

When researching Scandi designs, whether it be at Ikea, in magazines or on Pinterest, you are greeted by a beautiful, calming, practical interior design style.

In this guide we share with you styling tips to create a Scandinavian Interior design style in your home.


What is Lagom in a Scandi Home?

Lagom , a Swedish word meaning just enough. It defines the Scandinavian Interior Design Style as: not too much, not too little: just right.

Keeping Lagom in mind, use patterns and colour sparingly especially in rugs and accents. Shop with mindfulness and balance the qualities in your room. Add or remove items as you go till you find your space feels just right.


How to decorate your home with Scandinavian Interior Design Style.

Scandi rooms are clean, open, light spaces. Calm and uncluttered spaces with room to move, Scandi homes bring a sense of peace and tranquillity along with lots of natural light.

The first place to start when styling your home Scandinavian is to de-clutter your rooms. We suggest beginning in one room and clear out any unwanted items to open up your space to a calm, clean look. When organizing your rooms look out for smart storage solutions in your furniture. For help on de-cluttering your home, follow our tips and decluttering challenge to get rid of clutter in your home.


Tips when styling your Scandi Home.

Bring the outdoors into your Scandi styled home.

Incorporating natural elements such as wood, natural textiles and plants into your design reflects the appreciation Scandinavians have for nature. Think of light, bright wood and natural textiles such as sheepskin, wool, mohair, jute, burlap and linen.

Add fresh flowers and indoor plants to your interiors.

The basic Scandanavian home is designed to allow for as much natural light into the space.

Use light fabrics or sheer curtains as window dressings to allow the light and views inside.

Scandinavian interiors use eco-friendly, sustainable materials in their styling.

How to style your Scandi Scandinavian Home


Colour palette for a Scandinavian Interior Design Style.

The Scandi Colour palette focuses on neutral colours. Walls are often painted white, allowing the furniture and décor to stand out.

Add colours of nature such as stone, wood and earth with shades of browns, greys, whites and blacks,

Add pops of colour with greyish blues, greens and warm tans. Neutral shades of pinks, soft icy blues, very dark blues (close to charcoal), dark greens and soft amber are also popular colour choices in a Scandi colour palette.


What type of floor coverings are used in Scandinavian Interior Styles?

Scandi homes have natural light-coloured wooden floors, sometimes painted white. Laminated light flooring is also popular. Tiled bathrooms are more practical with underfloor heating in colder regions.

Wall to wall carpeting is not popular in a Scandi home.  Add rugs made from wool, sheepskin or mohair to living rooms and bedrooms.

How to style your Scandi Home Dexcorating Ideas and tips

Textiles and fabrics in a Scandi styled home.

As traditional Scandinavian homes are in cold regions with snow, it is common for the use of warm textiles and fabrics.

Throws and carpets made from wool, mohair and sheepskin add warmth and cosiness to your space.

Natural fabrics such as linens, rattan, cotton and jute is used in fabrics and furnishings.

Chunky woven throws add texture and comfort to your space.


Decorative accents, lighting, and wall art in a Scandi home.

Scandi interiors are uncluttered and simplistic.

Choose decorative accents and accessories that have simple designs.  Elegant ceramic vases with soft curves styled together add to the relaxing feel in your living room.

Decorate your couches with throws and cushions with simple geometric prints to add subtle colour and texture.

Lighting sets the mood in your Scandi home. Modern lighting such as wall scones and pendant lamps are popular along with table lamps made with natural elements add a sense of cosiness at night.

Framed wall art is often seen in a Scandi home. From small to large artwork styled in a gallery wall is an effective and affordable way to style an empty wall. See here for some layout examples to create your own gallery wall in your home.

Scandinavian Scandi Interior Decorating Ideas Beautiful Home Decor

Furniture for a Scandinavian Styled Interior Design Style.

Incorporate natural elements into your Scandinavian styled interior with wooden furniture and fixtures.

Chairs and coffee tables in rosewood, teak, birch, ash, maple, light oak and pine are popular.

Wooden dining tables paired with wooden chairs in the dining room.

Scandi homes are a combination of investment pieces of furniture combined with budget friendly options.

Start with high quality, practical and multipurpose furniture in a clean, simple design with modern smooth and rounded edges. Think of pieces that can be used for storage as well as add to the design element of your home such as a multileveled wall shelving for storage that adds visual interest to the room.

A new trend is to combine wooden elements with metallic finishes eg. adding brass pendants and copper scones to a wooden ceiling or Wall clock with timber and metal.


Contrast in your Scandi Interior Design Style.

Adding contrast to your Scandi home results in a good design.

Contrast can be applied through shape, size, texture, colours etc by styling with

Old and new pieces together

Adding dark and light neutrals

Hard and soft furnishings

Straight and wavy lines


How to decorate Scandinavian Scandi Interior Design Style in your home.

Add some Hygge to your Scandi home.

Hygge, pronounced ‘hoo-gah’ is a Danish term that translates as cosiness.

In Scandinavian Interior Design Style,  with the coolness of the whites and clean lines, it is important to include “hygge“ / warmth and comfort to your home.

Hygge is about relaxation and comfort. Add candles, soft blankets, throws , rumpled covers and personal touches to increase hygge. Add comfortable reading spaces and cosy chairs for socialising.


It is no surprise that Scandinavian Interior Design Style is popular in Australia with its light and airy feel.

Scandi designs can easily be incorporated with other interior design styles such as mid-century, boho or coastal to create a style that feels right for you.

Happy Styling



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